Mental Health in the home!

As humans, we do not always respond to necessity, we usually react to discomfort. When we are not in our comfort zones, we jump ship from normal to abnormal. As families within a home, the first pot of call is knowing and understanding each other. You should know what annoys your brother, what excites your … Continue reading Mental Health in the home!


WBC – Day 21: Unpopular Much?

I didn't think this topic would be this fun. I'm just going to list mine, who needs justifications because we are all entitled to our own opinions, right? So here goes: Quiet people aren't clever Educated women are a handful People who smoke are intelligent Rich people never smell bad Girls who listen to Hip-hop … Continue reading WBC – Day 21: Unpopular Much?

5 books I wish you could read!

This was one of my set books at school and it gave me a hard time understanding it. I would finish a chapter only to re-read it again aloud so that everything would sink in. I usually do not like repeating novels or movies but this one broke my record because I just couldn't get … Continue reading 5 books I wish you could read!

Traditions and cultures that no longer have a place in the new world!

There are so many traditions and culture that no longer have a place in this new world but I am going to mention a few.   1. Kugara nhaka This was done, say a married man dies and leaves behind a wife. The family would choose who among his brothers would take over his manly … Continue reading Traditions and cultures that no longer have a place in the new world!

The culture of where I come from

In my culture a daughter-in-law does not go about handshaking her in laws, especially the fathers. She has to go on her kneels each time she has to address them and direct eye contact is usually shunned. As such, she goes on her knees, looks down and raises her hands a bit to one side, … Continue reading The culture of where I come from

Zimbabwe, My Love!

In Zimbabwe we've got it all, the majestic Mosi-oa-Tunya Views from Kariba are best Nyanga has a soothing effect. Consider it if you're looking for a bit of soul searching, peace and quiet. If you love wildlife, try Hwange National Park. I recently found out how beautiful Binga is. Its actually a surprise, mystery even … Continue reading Zimbabwe, My Love!

Of advocacy and advocating- WBC: Day 16

The first thing that came into my mind when I read the prompt was depression. I have heard that depression usually affects creative people and since #WinterABC is a challenge amongst creative people, I thought more person are going to talk about so I discarded it. I then tried to think of something else. It’s … Continue reading Of advocacy and advocating- WBC: Day 16

My Address to the African Union!

First and fore most I would appreciate it if you would hold such events as these or from your respective countries under minimum budget. We have seen many people blowing budgets out of proportion whenever there is a state event. I do not know if you are aware of this, but some of the amounts … Continue reading My Address to the African Union!

My fountains of Inspirations!

Robert Mugabe If it isn’t the innocent villain. I was not even sure if I should put him on the list lest I face resentment from y’all but nah, if I’m going to be honest with myself, this man is goals. Whether he was right or wrong is a story for another day, but he … Continue reading My fountains of Inspirations!

Blogging in Africa!

One thing for sure, blogging in Africa is very much alive! It hasn’t been that long since I started blogging yet I am still not confident to call myself a blogger. Before that I knew there were blogs and all but I guess that is where the availability and affordability of internet comes into play. … Continue reading Blogging in Africa!