Hey, I’m talking bout a revolution: The Book Revolution

“A writer is irrelevant without a reader” Not having readers is the worst writer’s fear. Even though some may claim that writing is therapeutic for them; they heal when they write hence they are not really worried about readers, knowing that your writing impacted someone in some kind of way is bliss. As you probably … Continue reading Hey, I’m talking bout a revolution: The Book Revolution

5 Reasons Why A Writer Needs Readers

As we draw towards the end of 2020, I thought of you my dear readers. I resonated very well with the post below so I am re-blogging it for you too. Cheers to an engaging (insightful, inspiring content from me and comments, likes and shares from you) 2021 going forward

A literally lit LitFest!

See what I did there? It is true that the arts industry was heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, some were resilient and found the means to still cope amidst the lockdown and an example of such was LitFest.  LitFest is an annual international literature carnival where writers, academics and readers discuss and critique … Continue reading A literally lit LitFest!

Experience over talent?

Not-so while back, I got an opportunity to write a movie/film for an overseas studio. Even though it wasn’t my story, I was just writing it, I was telling the story using my words – An African Story by Africans kind of setup

My before 30 to-do-list!

We are 31 days into the new year and I’ve been meaning to write a post since December. I wanted to write about award ceremonies in Zimbabwe, the things that Zimbos should leave in 2019, an inspirational post in January but somehow my fingers were just shying away from the keyboard.   Anyhow, turning 30 … Continue reading My before 30 to-do-list!

What happened to our Radio?

Advertising is one of the fast-paced industries and one thing I love about it is there’s no room for monotony. Each day presents a new challenge that requires a different approach of solving it. So after back to back brainstorms, back and forth changes from clients, ad hoc meetings with client services due to poor … Continue reading What happened to our Radio?

5 reasons you should join PEN Zimbabwe!

On the 26th of October I attended the inaugural PEN Zimbabwe Workshop at Girls High and let me hasten to say if you are a writer, aspire to be one, want to chill with them or better still, if are a reader this is one association you ought to join. Below are my five reasons: … Continue reading 5 reasons you should join PEN Zimbabwe!

Maintenance issues: The Man’s woes!

While I'm all for women empowerment I have realised that in its pursuit, men are being disempowered. I guess this is the kind of assertion that brings forth mixed emotions or outright brickbats. Well you’ll probably understand why I’m saying that after hearing this.   So, a friend of mine was customarily married to his … Continue reading Maintenance issues: The Man’s woes!

Have they just updated culture?

I was just thinking, with the way double barrel surnames are trending these days, traditional fathers should be ululating now each time a baby girl is born. It makes sense, right? Remember how the deeply-rooted-in-culture type who would go pomp and fanfare when a male child is born unto a family? Their reason being that … Continue reading Have they just updated culture?

ZIBF 2019 in retrospect! #4

To wrap up I’m going to highlight some of the recommendations from the workshop:   Since writers have decided to go about the 'black market route of publishing'; self-publishing, they are advised to tread with caution and be prepared to part with some dollars in order to come up with a good product.   Writers … Continue reading ZIBF 2019 in retrospect! #4