Face to face with resistance!

Resistance It comes in different forms. It could be confrontational or subtle. At least with confrontational you know exactly what you are dealing with instead of the subtle one, particularly resistance by neglect. It is when, for example, people are supposed to approach someone for certain duties but decide to approach other people and neglect … Continue reading Face to face with resistance!


Fashion Conscious?

I remember my first day at work in a room full of creatives. I was a bit skeptical about what to wear so I settled for a black pencil skirt, a white string, a turquoise cardigan with a black waist belt. As soon as I settled someone shouted, “Are you sure you are a creative?” … Continue reading Fashion Conscious?

Decolonising by iconizing!

NB-While it may or may not fall under the Decolonising by iconizing banner, I am not going to talk about the recently erected statue of Mbuya Nehanda. I am going to use the term iconise loosely. Some decades or so after colonialism, yet here we are still experiencing its residual effects such as the glorification … Continue reading Decolonising by iconizing!

Silence is not always golden!

My heart goes out to women who endure gender based violence. As soon as one is married, they are told to keep their affairs a secret, obey their husband and try not to be a hothead or quarrelsome wife. Sometimes the gender based violence is not always physical, it is emotional and the women cannot … Continue reading Silence is not always golden!

Creative Dexterity is currency!

Being a creative in Zimbabwe (Africa at large) means you have to deal with friends and family who want to use your services for free, people who would rather pay you with exposure or capitalists who will give you 10% of an elephant. All of this means the creative needs a strategy in order to … Continue reading Creative Dexterity is currency!

Of non-creative Creatives

These days you can’t even spend the rest of the day without seeing a vacancy advert for creatives. Organisations are on the hunt for raw creatives with edgy ideas. Have you ever wondered why? When they get the creatives, they give them boxes to operate from while they still expect them to come up with … Continue reading Of non-creative Creatives

Fond of fonts? Found a fountain!

Last year I missed the challenge so this year #winterabc2021 I'm in. Besides, Times New Roman, Arial and Calibri, what other fonts do you know? For what it’s worth we just know there are free fonts at our disposal and we don't even know where they originate. Nandos is one brand that captured the use … Continue reading Fond of fonts? Found a fountain!

Hey, I’m talking bout a revolution: The Book Revolution

“A writer is irrelevant without a reader” Not having readers is the worst writer’s fear. Even though some may claim that writing is therapeutic for them; they heal when they write hence they are not really worried about readers, knowing that your writing impacted someone in some kind of way is bliss. As you probably … Continue reading Hey, I’m talking bout a revolution: The Book Revolution

5 Reasons Why A Writer Needs Readers

As we draw towards the end of 2020, I thought of you my dear readers. I resonated very well with the post below so I am re-blogging it for you too. Cheers to an engaging (insightful, inspiring content from me and comments, likes and shares from you) 2021 going forward

Writing about...Writing

Yeah, yeah, I know the title implies writers need readers and I believe it is true, even though writing is mostly a solo career. But why do writers need readers? Why writers cannot live solely in their own small bubble?

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A literally lit LitFest!

See what I did there? It is true that the arts industry was heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, some were resilient and found the means to still cope amidst the lockdown and an example of such was LitFest.  LitFest is an annual international literature carnival where writers, academics and readers discuss and critique … Continue reading A literally lit LitFest!